All-Star: A Cautionary Tale

After years of not caring about the Home Run Derby or the All-Star Game, I finally forced myself to do it. Well, force is a strong word, but let's say I made it a priority. I see it as a crucial step in getting back into watching the game, since it is probably the best... Continue Reading →

Appreciating the No-Names

Something interesting has developed in my reconciliation with baseball this year. Aside from trying to understand and accept the new, analytical side of baseball, I have grown deeply interested in what happens to players in the minor league system. What sparked this interest was this whole notion and narrative of the Yankees' "Baby Bombers" and... Continue Reading →

The Elephant in the Room

My first week into the sports writing field has been an eye opener. Not because I wasn't aware of the lack of representation in the sports writing field, but because it is still an issue that seems to have no urgency in being addressed. This week I saw how a male writer jumped on another... Continue Reading →

Is Math Ruining Baseball?

It's the age of sabermetrics. Numbers and predictability models rule the scouting report. Everything in baseball is now calculated beyond batting average and ERA. Every action and reaction in the game is captured, given a value and analyzed. Baseball has entered the 21st century. Now, the concept of analytics is not new to the game.... Continue Reading →

The Lineup

My name is Mel and welcome to my baseball blog! I have been a passionate fan of baseball since childhood and slowly developing a true love for this sport as the years have gone by. I will admit that a few things changed that took me away from the sport in the last six years,... Continue Reading →

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