A Championship Waiting for It’s Champion

The second week of the LBPRC Round Robin playoffs have concluded, but the action continues for one more week. We are still waiting to see who will be in the championship series, but with Mayagüez’s victory today over the Santurce Crabbers, they are the first one’s who might get their finale pass seeing that they just need one more win to do so.

The Mayagüez Indians suffered a few setbacks their week after losing for the first time after four games. Not only that they would go on to lose their second game in a row against the Carolina Giants who finale managed to get in the win column in the second week. Unfortunately for the Giants, that was their first and only win so far and has dug this team further and further away from any position for contention.

The Giants record stands as 1-6, 4.5 games behind the Indians and 3 games behind the Crabbers. There are only 6 games left in the playoffs round, so it would take a miracle run by the Giants for them to get back in. That’s not me just saying it, we just need to see how close the other teams are from making the championship round.

Like I mentioned, Mayagüez is just a game away from moving to the final round, and Santurce is at two games to qualify. At the pace and performance we’ve seen so far from the Giants, it is becoming clearer every day that the finale will come down to the Indians and Crabbers.

This is not to say that the Giants efforts have not been fruitful; they made it to the playoffs after all. It simply is just the case that the tools in that Giant roster is not one that can go game after game against the ones we find in the Mayagüez and Santurce rosters.

The 12 inning win against the Indians this week really boosted the morale for the Giants. But this was a case of who would make a mistake first after going deep into their bullpens, and not a case of who could shut the door on the other team’s offense.

Simply put, the Giants have not been the Giants we saw in the regular season. Aside from the win/lose records, the pitching hasn’t been sharp and scoring opportunities have been scarce or wasted.

The best case of this came in their game versus Santurce where the Giants had 2 runners on base with one out and bad base running erased the scoring opportunity and ended the closest game the Giants could have gained a win from.

So with the Giants fading away every day, it is very safe to say that this year we will see Mayagüez and Santurce battle it out for the championship title.

Santurce on their part have been riding steady capitalizing on their opportunities and recovering from mistakes fairly quickly. However, their bullpen still remains and issue, especially against an offense like Mayagüez who will take every opportunity given to them to put runs on the board.

This is not the same as saying that the Indians force running situations. They do, but that team has a history all season long of leaving runners on base. So when they see opportunities from a weak bullpen, they will capitalize on them like they did today versus the Crabbers.

In Sunday’s game, the Indians were able to get back in the game twice and finally took the lead late in the game to secure their 6th win and place them one set closer to the championship round.

So with this quick recap of week 2, let’s take a look at schedule set for the finale week of the Round Robin playoffs:

Day 12 (January 14): Santurce v Carolina

Day 13 (January 15): Mayagüez v Santurce

Day 14 (January 16): Mayagüez v Carolina

Day 15 (January 17): Carolina v Santurce

Day 16 (January 18): Carolina v Mayagüez

Day 17 (January 19): Santurce v Mayagüez

It’s been a short but long season with all the highs and lows we’ve seen from all of these teams, but this finale week will see the best from each of the remaining teams and it all leads towards that championship series that begins on January 22nd, so baseball is from over!

I hope to find my voice for this last week of postseason baseball, but in the meantime you will find coverage right here on Left on Base and on my twitter page: @melmora_. 

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