The Lineup

My name is Mel and welcome to my baseball blog! I have been a passionate fan of baseball since childhood and slowly developing a true love for this sport as the years have gone by.

I will admit that a few things changed that took me away from the sport in the last six years, but coming back to it full-time this year, things have changed significantly on and off the field.

As someone who is trying to understand the game better and become a more serious analyst, it takes time and understanding to make sense of what is going on today.

Not many people care to do so, not many people like the changes in the game, but we are experiencing a new era in baseball and that is the exciting part. Exciting enough to bring me back from a six year hiatus.

This is what I intend to explore and finding the balance with the old and new way of the game.

To find out what baseball books I am currently reading or recommend, please check out the Game Notes section.

My baseball story (because we all have one) can be found in Mel’s Stats. Feel free to share yours. The love of baseball was shared with me from my father and I love sharing it with anyone who wants to get to know the game.

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